Machines & Engineering

Almost everything these days, unless it’s still absolutely natural, is industrially produced.
That also applies to the Agri, food and pharma sector. From a request from a customer or problem in the company to the new potting machine, agricultural spray, plant cover, printed bulb box or auction trolley.

From new environmental legislation to new paint product, pasteurised milk or electric car. From raw material to food or chemist’s product or generic medicine.
Dat geldt in feite ook voor de agri, food en farma sector. Van vraag van een klant of probleem in het bedrijf tot nieuwe oppotmachine, landbouwspuit, plantenhoes, bedrukte bollendoos of veilingkar.

Van nieuwe milieuwetgeving tot nieuw verfproduct, gepasteuriseerde melk of electrische auto. Van grondstof tot voedings- of drogisterijproduct of generiek medicijn.

Mechanical engineering, renovation, dismantling and repair, industrial installations, paint, printing and packaging industry, foodstuffs, personal care and medicine industry, the entire agricultural and horticultural production industry.
Everything is manufactured, machines are needed for all production, and increasingly, machines are custom-made.

From large factories with machines for life that end up on the scrap heap, we see more and more fine production methods and high-level techniques, for temporary use and easy to adjust, laboratories and 3D printers, climate computers and energy-neutral production centres, waste processing with power production.
Mechanical Engineering Lawyer.

Often, it starts with a good idea for building a machine. But how do you develop the idea? How do you protect your design and your idea? Our lawyers are specialized in the protection of your ideas, so that no one can steal your design. And should that happen, then our lawyers can take action against this infringement of your rights. It is your idea, after all.

You also need proper legal guidance when your machine goes into production. We draft contracts with suppliers and potential customers for you. We are experts in contract law.

We can help you with matters related to

  • gricultural and horticultural machines and mechanisation
  • processing and packaging machines
  • safety, product liability and conformance
  • damage and personal injury
  • government permits and administrative law
  • waste processing and demolition
  • production companies
  • corporate law
  • contracts and general terms and conditions
  • agricultural production resources and processing
  • fisheries and livestock processing and production resources
  • protection of inventions, models, drawings and plans
  • trademark, patent, trade name and copyright
  • confidentiality provisions
  • infringement cases
  • biotechnology
  • trade, purchasing and sales
  • foodstuffs and additives
  • legal persons, company takeover
  • competition
  • environment and energy

Peter W.M. Steenbergen LL.M.


Peter has years of experience in the agricultural sector, both in disputes and with advice.

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